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  • Safeguarding the Future of Sambuddha Sasana

    As Sri Lankans, our bond with the Sambuddha Sasana runs deep, serving as the heartbeat of our cultural and heritage tapestry. As a truly Sri Lankan brand, Piyodale is deeply committed to preserving and safeguarding the revered Sambuddha Sasana. Thus, We fulfil our duty of protecting the future of the Sambuddha Sasana by dedicating ourselves to meeting the daily needs and providing essential facilities for the Maha Sangharatna, including the novice monks of Silumini Pirivena.

  • Preserving Heritage: Puredale's Monthly Food Support for Vedda Chief, Uruwarige Wannila Aththo

    The Adivasi people in Sri Lanka stand as living testaments to the rich human history of the nation. Puredale is committed to upholding and celebrating this proud heritage and takes immense pride in announcing our contribution to meet the monthly food needs of the Vedda chief, Uruwarige Wannila Aththo. Through this initiative, we aim not only to provide sustenance to one family but also to cherish and preserve the cultural legacy that defines Sri Lankan identity.

  • A Nourishing Hope: A Mission for ensuring food security

    Food security has a profound impact on overall well-being. Hence, we have undertaken a mission to address the monthly nutritional needs of underprivileged families, including those with differently-abled members. We have introduced a transformative project to distribute dry food packages to these vulnerable households. Our mission aims to alleviate the financial burden on families struggling to meet their basic needs while providing sustenance. Those projects emphasize our belief that everyone deserves access to wholesome meals for a dignified and enriching life. Monthly Support: Providing Dry Food Packages for Disabled Individual and His Family in Ampara Ensuring Sustenance: Monthly Dry Food Packages for Kekirawa's Blind Individual and Family Clear Vision, Full Stomachs: Providing Eyeglasses and Monthly Dry Food Packages for Moratuwa's Low-Income Family Monthly Support: Providing Dry Food Packages for Disabled Individual and His Family in Palle Malalla

  • Springs of Hope: Puredale's Success in Fulfilling the Right to Clean Water in Narendra Modi Village, Thissamahrama

    Puredale has completed another step in its mission to ensure the right to clean water in Narendra Modi Village, Thissamahrama. As a brand that upholds the values of humanity, we always strive to help people in Sri Lanka and fulfil our social responsibility. Our transformative project to provide drinking water to people in Narendra Modi Village has brought hope and smiles to those who previously suffered without access to clean water.

  • Quenching the Thirst: Puredale's Transformative Drinking Water Project in Orubadiwewa, Ridimaliyadda

    Water is the essence of life. It is undeniable that all living beings on our planet require water to survive. However, the residents of Orubadiwewa village in Ridimaliyadda have been facing the harsh reality of insufficient drinking water for their daily needs. We have taken the responsibility of launching a transformative project to provide drinking water to the Orubadiwewa people, ensuring their right to clean water. Today, we proudly say that we were able to bring smiles to the faces of people who suffered from thirst.

  • Revitalizing Lives: Puredale's Water Mission in Prajapathumpura

    Prajapathumpura is a village in Mathugama that became a beacon of hope for survivors of the 2004 tsunami. For 14 years, the villagers, once battered by massive waters, have been struggling to obtain clean drinking water. Recognizing social responsibility, Puredale proudly delivered water tanks to Prajapathumpura, transforming their daily challenges into triumphs. Today, these vibrant tanks symbolize hope for life, supplying the village with pure drinking water. Puredale believes in more than just water; we believe in empowering communities with hope and resources for a brighter future. Join us on our journey to make a difference, one drop at a time!

  • Tea for Unity: Puredale's Gratitude in Every Sip

    For many years, Piodale has been a source of comfort and solace for all Sri Lankans, alleviating our collective weariness. Strengthening this profound connection, we express our gratitude to our customers by offering free Piodale tea during various special occasions like national festivals and religious celebrations across Sri Lanka, irrespective of race, religion, or caste. It is our way of spreading warmth and unity, embracing diversity while continuing to be a cherished part of the daily lives of our fellow Sri Lankans.

  • Puredale Dambadiva Wandana: Bridging Dreams and Reality

    It is a common aspiration among Sri Lankan Buddhists to undertake a pilgrimage to the revered Dambadiva at least once in their lifetime. Acknowledging this desire, Puredale, a company deeply connected to the rhythm of the hearts of Sri Lankan people, has taken an approach to make this dream a reality. Individuals can send two upper lids from a Piodale packet and win two family members the chance to visit Dambadiva through the Puredale Dambadiva Vandana project. This thoughtful initiative bridges the gap between aspiration and fulfilment, making the spiritual journey to Dambadiva accessible for all Sri Lankans.

  • Poson Poyaday Blessings: Free Purdale Milk Cups for Worshippers at Anuradhapura Poojanagaraya

    Experience the sacredness of Poson Poyaday at Anuradhapura Poojanagaraya with a special offering. As you gather in devotion, receive the gift of complimentary Purdale milk cups, symbolizing purity and nourishment for body and soul. Join us in honouring this auspicious occasion with gratitude and unity, enriching your spiritual journey with this heartfelt gesture.

  • Monthly Blessings: Providing Dry Food Packages to Mullaitivu Janakapura

    In a gesture of gratitude and support, Mullaitivu Janakapura Temple extends monthly dry food packages to the esteemed monks who reside within its sacred walls. This initiative ensures that these dedicated spiritual leaders receive nourishment, allowing them to continue their noble pursuits with strength and vitality. Join us in honouring their dedication and commitment to enlightenment.

  • Divine Offering: Complimentary Milk Samples for Worshipers at Nalloor Kovil

    Experience the divine gesture of generosity at Nalloor Kovil as we offer complimentary milk samples to all who come to worship. Embrace the tradition of nourishment and spirituality with this humble offering, symbolizing purity and abundance. Join us in reverence as we enrich your spiritual journey with this sacred token of appreciation.

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